Since 1975, AA Custom Fiberglass has been serving fiberglass and composite customers in the U.S.A. and Abroad.


If You Can Conceive It, We Can Create It

AA Custom Fiberglass, a custom fiberglass composite manufacturer, has provided design, production mold manufacturing, custom fiberglass parts manufacturer and composite repair services to its customers throughout the United States and Abroad.

The majority of our fiberglass products require high quality hand lay up technique; however, we have the ability to produce chopper or spray-up parts and parts produced with vacuum molding or resin transfer molding. AA’s average employee has 20 years of composite knowledge and they are competent with polyester, polyvinyl, or epoxy resins and with E glass, S glass, carbon fiber, Kevlar or other high tech composites.

AA Fiberglass desires to provide entrepreneurs with the assistance to develop their ideas and make unique problems marketable solutions. We offer skills in developing a concept to reality through the use of skilled, creative sculptors, mold makers and production personnel dedicated to quality production of parts. Our skills do not stop at just fiberglass; though, we are also competent in electrical, mechanical and electronic assembly.

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Markets & Industries Served by AA Custom Fiberglass

Agricultural Fiberglass Fabrication & Repair

Architectural Fiberglass Fabrication Service
Water Treatment