About Us

Since 1975,

AA Fiberglass, as a custom fiberglass fabricator has provided custom fiberglass products and services throughout the US, as well as international shipments. It specializes in small to medium quantity fabricated parts for industrial, automotive, and marine industries. The majority of construction is of a “hand lay-up” type; however, we can produce chopper parts as well. With the average experience of shop personnel exceeding twenty years, the company is confident it can create an economical solution to the needs of the industries it serves.

The company’s customers include Outotec (mining equipment), Breidert (industrial ventilation), Tectron (industrial metal detectors), and Uni-go (motorcycle trailers).

Architectural Fiberglass Fabrication & Repair Services
Agricultural Fiberglass Fabrication & Repair Services
Water Treatment Fiberglass Fabrication
Water Treatment Fiberglass Fabrication

Talents, Experience, and Skills

Utilizing the talents of employees with an average of 20 years of experience, the company is competent in production of parts in polyester, polyvinyl, epoxy resins, and with E glass, S glass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.

As a custom fiberglass company, AA Fiberglass has reconditioned Corvettes, repaired a variety of boats, and has refurbished piping in industrial chemical plants. We have created products from environmentally conscience toilets (Okefenokee National Park) to seats on the Jacksonville Zoo train.

We offer skills in developing a concept to reality through the use of skilled, creative sculptors, mold makers and production personnel dedicated to quality production parts.
Through our association with sister companies, we are able to provide solutions including electrical, mechanical and electronic assembly.

Along with a strong list of OEM customers, AA Fiberglass desires to provide entrepreneurs with the assistance to develop their ideas, and unique problems to marketable solutions.

AA Fiberglass Philosophy -Provide quality products at reasonable prices in a timely manner. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.